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Civil PE Exam Review Pricing

Part 1 AM Exam

Part 1 will cover the AM Exam topics on all five civil areas, with 3 weeks on each area,

specifically designed to get you up to speed on the areas that you are NOT working in.

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Part 2 PM Exam

Part 2 will cover the PM Exam topics for your area, familiarizing you with solutions

for the type of problems you will see on the exam.

Dedicated Instructors

At the heart of the DTC Review, you'll find Dr. Tom and his team of dedicated instructors. They are six brilliant people personally invested in your success on this exam. More...

Lots of Structure

Knowing what to not to review can be just as important as knowing what to review, and the DTC review gives you a day by day, week by week plan that helps you with both. More...

Customized Resources

Dr. Tom and his team of instructors have created an impressive set of resources that are designed for quick reference during the exam. More...

The Dr. Tom Method

Ao be successful on the exam, you need to be familiar with the right problems, learn how to recognize them, and have a method to quickly locate the information you need. More...

Lots of Support

The idea of taking and passing the Civil PE Exam is daunting, and yet you know you've got to do it. It can be a lot less scary if you've got a team supporting you all the way. More...

Always Improving

While we think our online review is the best one out there, nothing is perfect. So Dr. Tom and the DTC team are always making improvements. More...